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Special Developments

Manufacturer: NANOSENSORS
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NANOSENSORS™ not only uses its know-how to manufacture its well-known standard products. The experts at NANOSENSORS™ also develop many tip versions and other developments that are not commercialized as standard products but are available on demand. We call these customized products “Special Developments”.

Do you need something very specific that is not available in the standard scope of products? Then feel free to browse through the examples of special developments that we have made over the years to get an idea what is possible and feel free to contact us if there is something among them that interests you.

For a PDF file of the full list of special developments please click here.

On request we offer Special Developments and customized solutions.

Availability and price on request.

Please mail to

Examples of our Special Developments are:

  • Plateau tips with a customized diameter
  • Rounded tips
  • Sphere tips
  • Platinium Iridium or Gold coating with different thicknesses on various probe types
  • Backside Gold and tipside Nitride coating
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AFM Tips:
shape tip height tip set back tip radius full cone angle half cone angle

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cant. shape length width thickness force const. res. freq. probe base
0 -

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