Crest Technology AFM Probes

Crest Technology is a leading edge technology research and industrial products distributor in the South East Asia region. Crest Technology offers a wide variety of market leading AFM Probes brands:
Switzerland based NanoWorld AG, a leading manufacturer of innovative high quality probes for Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) and Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM), is supplying major AFM manufacturers since many years. The wide selection of tip shapes, spring constants, resonant frequencies and coatings results in the most appropriate probe for research as well as industrial applications.

The Silicon AFM probes of the Pointprobe® series are the most widely used and best known AFM probes worldwide and have become the standard probes in many labs.

The silicon probes of the Arrow™ series feature a unique tip shape that allows easy positioning of the tip on the area of interest. A version resonating with an ultra-high frequency of up to 1.5 MHz for high speed scanning is also available.

The PNP Silicon Nitride probes are available in several variations ranging from rectangular to triangular cantilevers with silicon nitride tips with less than 10 nm tip radius to tipless cantilevers and tips with (top side or both sides) or without gold coating.

A new probes series of ultra-short cantilevers dedicated for High Speed AFM (HS-AFM) is currently being prepared for introduction.
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More than 20 years ago NANOSENSORS™ was the first company to commercially manufacture batch fabricated silicon AFM probes. NANOSENSORS™ still is the worldwide technology leader, using its long experience to provide the most consistent AFM probes quality, year by year, batch by batch, wafer by wafer, probe by probe, tip by tip. Everywhere where consistent quality and reproducible results are necessary NANOSENSORS™ AFM probes are the probes of choice.

NANOSENSORS™ offers the widest selection of high quality standard and specialized AFM probes, customized AFM tips on demand as well as calibration standards and alignment chips for scanning probe microscopy.
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BudgetSensors®  offers an excellent selection of standard silicon and silicon nitride AFM probes as well as a selection of calibration standards with the best possible price/quality ratio in the market. Their slogan: quality meets price is especially attractive for customers who are looking for reliable everyday working-horse AFM tips or want to use standard probes for education purposes.

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Historically, MikroMasch is a manufacturer of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) for research projects and industrial applications. Being in the market of probes and test structures for atomic force microscopes since 1998, the company has got recognition among researchers working in the fields of chemistry, material science, surface physics, biomedicine and nanotechnology.

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nanotools® specializes on the manufacturing of durable, high-end AFM probes. nanotools™ utilizes its patented, fully automated EBD process to create consistently uniform high density carbon (HDC) AFM tips of almost any desired geometry and functionality. These probes are the optimal solution for customers looking for longer tip lifetime, fewer tip changes and precise measurement with AFM tips.

The nanotools™ product line offers a thorough selection of probes, including high resolution (2nm ROC), tilt compensated high aspect ratio probes (AR 1:20) and critical dimension (CD) AFM tips (“undercut”).

Because of their high wear resistance and versatility nanotools™ AFM probes are the standard AFM tips for automated, inline AFM systems in the industry as well as for challenging research applications.
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