nanotools AFM probes

nanotools® specializes on the manufacturing of durable, high-end AFM probes. nanotools™ utilizes its patented, fully automated EBD process to create consistently uniform high density carbon (HDC) AFM tips of almost any desired geometry and functionality. These probes are the optimal solution for customers looking for longer tip lifetime, fewer tip changes and precise measurement with AFM tips.

The nanotools™ product line offers a thorough selection of probes, including high resolution (2nm ROC), tilt compensated high aspect ratio probes (AR 1:20) and critical dimension (CD) AFM tips (“undercut”).

Because of their high wear resistance and versatility nanotools™ AFM probes are the standard AFM tips for automated, inline AFM systems in the industry as well as for challenging research applications.


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Application Modes:

  • Non-Contact / Tapping Mode AFM Probes
  • Force Modulation (FM) AFM Probes
  • Contact Mode AFM Probes
  • Life Science AFM Probes
  • Ultra High Frequency AFM Probes
  • Conductive AFM Probes
  • Magnetic AFM Probes
  • Supersharp AFM Probes
  • Diamond AFM Probes
  • Hardened / Enhanced Wear Resistance AFM Probes
  • Nanoindentation and Lithography AFM Probes
  • High Aspect Ratio (HAR) AFM Probes
  • ScanAsyst ®** PeakForce Tapping™** AFM Probes
  • Silicon Nitride AFM Probes
  • Lateral Force Microscopy (LFM) AFM Probes
  • Tipless AFM Cantilevers and Cantilever Arrays
  • Plateau AFM Tips
  • Colloidal AFM Probes
  • Self-Sensing & Self-Actuating AFM Probes
  • Sphere AFM Tips
  • Functionalized / Modified / Chemical AFM Probes
  • Platinum Silicide AFM Probes
  • Scanning Thermal Microscopy AFM Probes
  • Premounted AFM Probes
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