Special AFM probes classification

Akiyama Probe: Self-Sensing / Self-Actuating AFM Probe

AFM probe that requires neither an external piezo actuator, nor optical detection.

  • Based on a quartz tuning fork combined with micromachined cantilever
  • Benefits from both the tuning fork's stable oscillation and the silicon cantilever's reasonable spring constant
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Tipless AFM Probes
Tipless AFM Probe
Tipless AFM Probe

AFM probes with one or more cantilevers without an AFM tip.

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Electro-Chemical Probe
Electro-Chemical Probe
Electro-Chemical Probe

AFM probe for measuring electro-chemical reactions such as redox reactions, corrosion and dissolution of materials.

Tip: Silicon / SiO2 / Pt / SiN
Cantilevers: Silicon / SiO2 / Pt / SiN
Tip radius of curvature < 40 nm

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Thermal AFM Probe
Scanning Thermal Microscopy Cantilever
Scanning Thermal
Microscopy Cantilever

AFM probe showing an AFM cantilever with an integrated resistance thermometer for thermal mapping in contact mode.

  • Tip can be heated to map thermal conductivity on passive samples or biased to measure local hotspots
  • Other applications include applying single point voltages, providing local current stimulus, or detecting thermal properties resulting in cantilever deflections
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Extra-Tall AFM Tips
Extra Tall AFM Tip
Extra Tall
PointProbePlus Tip

AFM probes with extra tall tips (>30 microns) for measurements on very rough surfaces and for custom applications.

  • Extra-tall PointProbePlus Tips
  • Extra-tall ATEC Tips
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Ultra-Short AFM Cantilevers (USC)
Ultra-Short AFM Cantilever
AFM Cantilever

AFM probes with very short, narrow and thin cantilevers with Electron Beam Deposited AFM tips for High Speed Scanning.

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Bi-Modal AFM Probes (Higher Harmonics)
AFM Cantilever for Higher Harmonic Operation
AFM Cantilever for
Higher Harmonic Operation

Bi-modal AFM cantilevers for higher harmonic operation allow collecting information about the mechanical properties of the sample material.

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